Allan Rodger


Hello, I am Allan Rodger and thanks for visiting my website. I am a producer/engineer/musician from Vancouver,Canada.

I have been producing records since 1985. Although I am experienced in all styles of music, I would say I am best suited to working with singer/songwriters. On most of the records I produce for artists, I play most or all of the instruments. Of course, you can play or have any other musicians in the studio, it’s just that it is usually not necessary to hire a “band”, I can do that for you.

I use all real instruments for a “live” feel but I am also adept at programming modern beats and sounds on electronics.

So, what ever sound you are looking for, I am confidant you will get the professional result you will need in todays competitive music scene.

Have a listen to a few of the recordings here on the site and feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions you might have. My studio is located at the Greenhouse Studio facility in Vancouver, minutes from Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

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